flying horse movie

well friends I am back with another movie memory.

Here’s this movie about a non-animation movie about a flying horse, where I remember a short scene, and a production still.

A group of soldiers (infantrymen) are looking at a hill/mountain and suddenly one holding a bino shouts “There it comes(or something similar)”; then I see something white charging down the hill/mountain. The camera zooms and it is a horse with wings and appears in extreme fury. What happens later that the horse reaches ground level and then goes in flight mode, but the cadets attempt it to lasso it down, perhaps only planning a capture not slaughter.

Now this maybe a dubbed Asian movie as the picture quality was dull reddish, and I could not see the faces of the cadets, but they were not whites. I have tried to look for non-anime movies based on flying horses and receiving data only on racehorses or war planes. Kindly help.

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  1. The old 1981 “Clash of the Titans” ?

    Pegasus, That’s the only flying horse that comes to mind. It kind of sounds like the scene where they first get him.

    1. No, no…the infantry men were 20th century troopers, and not Ancient hoplites. The movie as I said was reddish as in early colour prints of 60s or 70s in case of Asian movies.

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