Fly head movie

Which movie had a man have his head switched with a fly’s head? Is there a scene in that movie that shows us both mutants in one shot or not really? If so, name and time interval please?

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    1. Solved.

      Do you know the time interval where the scene concerning both mutants seen together occurred or no?

  1. No, in the 1958 version you never see both mutants in the same scene. The human head on a fly doesn’t show up until after the death of the fly’s head on a human body. It says to Vincent Price, “Help me!” because it is trapped in a spider web.

  2. I just checked the Wikipidia entry for Return of the Fly, 1959. I didn’t see that. I saw the first one. And in that one both mutants do appear in the same shot and they are reintegrated at the end. The synopsis sounds pretty stupid.

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