Film similar to Oliver Twist and David Cooperfield

The movie is about an abondoned boy who first lives by people with many children of his age in a small room. But one day he gets kicked out and land in an orphanage. But he manages to escape from there and a short while of time he lives on the street. Then he gets found by a trader who had his own shop and teachs him a little bit about trading. I forgot what happens next, but the boy had an accident, he was accidently strucked by a carriage. When the woman gets out of the carriage and finds the boy it turns out its her lost little son. She is a well-known pianist and recognize her son by the medallione he gave him at birth.

2 thoughts on “Film similar to Oliver Twist and David Cooperfield

    1. Nope, there are now guitars in the movie 😉

      The plot is set between 1890 – 1930 during the industrial revolution. The film seems to be british. Maybe also one of Charls Dickens filmed stories?

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