80s movie I saw many years ago. Was like a thriller drama I think

So I’ve been looking for this movie for quite sometime now and have been anxious to remember the name of this title. It may have been from the 80s or 70s and I’m sure it was a regular movie or just a TV movie to be exact. I forgot who was on there and what it was about but I at least remember seeing it in 1995 or 1996, something like that. Anyway the only thing I do remember was that it showed a young girl/woman in her 20s or 30s something like that, I think she was working as a computer operator at a bank or may have been another job and she worked late at night too and came home to her apartment a bit late, I believe her apartment had like 5-6 floors and stair cases to get to each floor, and as it was just starting, the movie had like a spy music but only a solo drum beat to it and it showed close ups of an stalker/intruder’s black shoes walking by, she comes home walking in the door and turning all the lights on, the  close up continues of the intruder’s black shoes and the drum beat keeps goin still, then another scene shows her in her bedroom looking in the mirror, I believe she was still wearing her work uniform or something like that. Then it shows back to the close up of the intruder’s black shoes as he is entering the apartment and Starting on the first stairs walking very slowly. Then it shows another scene, a really hot scene to be exact, it shows a zoom in of something with two handles and it does a close up of her arms cranking one handle at a time and the camera angle shows her crankain’t the 2nd knob up above as if she was taking a shower, it turns out she was because you can hear the sound of the water and there’s nothing more sexier then seeing a movie scene of a woman getting all wet in the shower. Goes back to the scene showing the close up of the intruder’s black shoes and the drum beat playing, then it goes back to her in the shower, shows blue walls/tile wiles I think, and it looks like her hair is a black color as she is getting all wet, she’s really enjoying the sensation of the water running all over her and you see her moving her arms up and down as she is washing and scrubbing her body with a regular bar of soap, you’ll notice her using it all over her legs and gets all sudsy, the shower scene is a long and revealing scene of her full body and gets us all hot and bothered, she’s still washing away every part of herself and then out of nowhere the intruder somehow breaks into her apartment. The intruder was in a black trench coat and a hat, then he starts walking and the scene I can’t remember is if she was stalked/raped in the shower or after she got out of the shower and then it shows police cops outside as she got rid of the intruder. That’s all I remember for now. If anyone can please help me out with this movie that I’m looking for I would really appreciate that so much. I don’t know if it was a short movie or a regular movie itself but I at least know it was a drama/thriller or a mystery drama kind of film. I hope this was a lot of details I can give you all. Really wanting to find this movie. I don’t remember if it was Italian, English or Australian but I remember seeing just the beginning of that film.

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