Fiction & Adventure, small girl, aztecs/incas, time travel sort of, Animated!

It was a long time ago, probs around 2007 that I saw it; but I doubt that it was from that time period. Not sure though, don’t take my word for it. Anyways, I remember it was about a small girl who touches (I think) an Incan stone head. I think she was on a trip, or visiting a museum there. And suddenly wakes up to find herself in the time of the Incas (not sure). She supposedly is now then a princess of that time (I think). I also do remember them playing that one game that involves throwing a ball of some kind into those sideways hoops. Oh, and this one small kid who follows her around, maybe; i don’t know if that was another movie. She then does wake up at the end of the movie not knowing if what she remembers was real or not. Oh, and I saw it in Spanish, I believe. And it’s also animated. That’s all I remember 🙁

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  1. Sounds like “Nikte”(2009)
    ‘The story starts with a girl and her family at La Venta park. The girl only thinks about herself, and her family goes with the tour guide while she stays at the entrance listening to her music. She leans on the Olmec head and discovers something in the Olmec head which she is transferred back to the times of Olmec.’
    You can watch it here:

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