Female black slaves in disguise escaping on a train or ship

I saw this movie on TV, in Brazil. I was a young girl when I watched it, I remember very little of it, but this scene was really dramatic!

There were these young black slave women, they were escaping the country on a train or ship dressed as white women… well, they were wearing beautiful dresses (something antique, from XVII maybe XVIII century), they wore wigs and their skin were painted with white powder, so they could pretend they were white girls. I remember one of the young women was suffering lots of pain, because she had been whipped, her back were very injured and since the dress was very tight, it caused friction on her wounds and she felt too much pain. A tear starts to roll from her eye, removing the white make-up on her face, revealing the black skin under it, and her friend tries to help to cover it, because their true identities couldn’t be discovered by the authorities.

-I watched it in later ’90s

-It was in portuguese (BR) dub.


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