Family drama – disabled son after an accident, rebellious daughter…

Family drama movie I saw probably in the 90´s in the TV. The son had some kind of an accident and had to learn everything again (like reading etc.) The mother was teaching him and probably had some sort of breakdown. Then I remember the daughter of the family who went through some rebellious phase, including drugs probably (not sure). Then I remember the whole family burying a box of the son´s stuff from his previous “normal” life.  It was quite depressing movie but I wonder what was it!

4 thoughts on “Family drama – disabled son after an accident, rebellious daughter…

  1. I have a guess for this one, but you have to reply to let me know you’re there. The movie I think it might be is on YouTube, but I didn’t go through it to verify.

  2. For some reason this description reminds me of an episode of the Twilight Zone – the newer version with host Forest Whittaker. The episode that is similar is called “Evergreen”. The similarities include the rebellious daughter, and the burial of the boy’s “things”.

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