Group of peoplw dying cruel death

Okay so I remember this movie I watched with my parents when I was a little girl. I remember that it was an old move, maybe mid 00′ or earlier.

So it was about group of people dying weird death. I remember they weren’t in some scary house. I don’t think it was paranormall but I’m not sure. I remember only 2 deaths.

First death was a trap. Guy died from acid or something that was spilled on him. He walked into some room, acid or whatever fell and he was left in pieces. His arms, legs and head was seperated.

Second death I remember a woman standing with some black guy (not sure about that) and she was smoking. Her cigarette fell down on her shoe and started to go through and melt her shoe and foot. I don’t remember her dying scene but I think she did.

It was horror movie. Some help?

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  1. One to think of it, Mindhunters (2004) includes both scenes you describe. But it’s liquid nitrogen, not acid, that kills the first victim.

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