Family dance competition movie from the last few years

This was not exactly a blockbuster so I’m having no luck finding it, but my daughter really wants to see it again.  I only caught the basic plot the first time the family watched it.  It was in English but all pretty no-name actors (I don’t recall recognizing any of them).

It’s a group of kids (two main families, I believe, with a few involved siblings from each aged maybe 7-14 or so) who are all dancers (from the same studio, I believe).  There’s some fancy competition coming up that each sibling group wants to win.

The plot was relatively generic, but they trained and so on.  The ‘mean’ group kicked out the youngest sibling to replace her with someone better. . . . I think the other group picked her up to be nice and then ended up winning?

That’s about all I remember.  It felt like a typically kid movie from Disney or whatnot.  We watched it sometime in the last year but it might have been released within the last few.

Hope that’s enough for someone to have seen it and recognize it!

3 thoughts on “Family dance competition movie from the last few years

  1. A few other quick details my daughter brought up:

    1) The vast majority (if not all) of the actresses were white. I only bring that up as some dance movies are primarily African-American casts, so it might help distinguish it.

    2) One of the kid dancers was actually a big name. Daughter couldn’t remember the exact name but it was someone well known (maybe off of Dance Moms or something similar).

    Hope that helps!

    1. Not a bad guess, but nope :). This one was pretty much all girls and more of the 7-12 range than the “adults playing teenager” look that Spectacular seems to have.

      I think, if I recall, this one was more in the last two years or so as well.

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