Family and Drama-Action movies

I have three more movies to ask about:  First One: This movie stars Juliette Lewis the woman from (Enough, Cape Fear and That Night) In this movie she’s a Helper/Maid to a Depress Lady and her Son or Daughter, who was Divorced or Separated from her Husband and in the end the lady gave her a red car, I can’t remember the name of the movie. There’s a scene from the movie where she asked her son if he finished eating and he said yes, then she threw the plate out the window                                                               Second Movie: Two Contract Killers went to a family home and shoot and killed a little boy  parents but he was outside in the yard and I guess he saw and was running away and they catch him and took him in their car and for most of the movie they were driving, one of them wanted to hurt the boy because he was doing annoying things or was trying to escape but the other one did not allow it, he was saying we have to follow orders, it’s like the movie was based on the three of them, the two men died ,one shoot himself at the end when the police catch them on the road driving and the other got shot or something like that but nothing happened to the little boy,( one of the actor in it, I’ve seen in other movies but I don’t know his name) when he was going to shoot the mother she was saying “please” and was holding into the sink. He stopped for a moment, he was waiting for confirmation whether to shoot her or not then he shoot her. Solved! (Cohen and Tate)

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  1. The first one sounds familiar. Could the actress have possibly been Mary Stuart Masterson or Sarah Paulson? I often confuse the three of them.

    1. Livinghead:Thanks, that’s it Will: Thanks for trying, Local shirts: I don’t remember seeing them in the movie, I found out that the helper in the movie name is Juliette Lewis and the other actress I’ve seen in other movies but don’t know her name

    1. I find the name of the movie, (the title is Losing Chase 1996 movie), The actress Juliette Lewis it wasn’t her, Its a actress name Kyra Sedgwick from the TV series The Closer and another actress Helen Mirren , Actor Beau Bridges and the little boy Michael Yarmush

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