Woman resurrected as robot learns piano and gets shot by boyfriend/fiance who then kills himself.

This is driving me insane trying to find it. Please help.

This movie is modern (Post 2000) (Probably post 2005).

This is the plot as best as I remember.

  • Woman gets into accident and is taken to the hospital by her boyfriend(or fiancee), her condition is critical and there is nothing that the hospital can do.
  • A company is doing a program where they are trying to put a human consciousness into a robot body, they see her has the ideal candidate.
  • Company approaches boyfriend and offers the ‘experimental treatment’
  • Company takes woman’s body and experiments on her for a long time. (I think the boyfriend is told that she is in a coma/ cannot see her so he doesn’t cause too much trouble.
  • The experiments show the robot to have memory fragments of the woman’s life, but she/it is not all together yet.
  • Scientist tries to get the robot to learn piano, but it is going very slowly.
  • Scientist brings boyfriend in to trigger the robots memories.
  • Boyfriend is horrified, trigger doesn’t work. She doesn’t remember him
  • Boyfriend demands the experiment to stop / let her rest in peace.
  • Meanwhile some great (electrical/emotional memory) trigger event happens with the robot and she remembers it all.
  • Soon she plays the piano really well.
  • Company wants to present their success to the world.
  • African American reporter interviews the robot woman, on AI/robot rights.
  • Meanwhile boyfriend tries to sue the company / or cause trouble for the company. He is persuaded by politicians that the company is faking, that his lover is dead and the company is ruining her memory.
  • Boyfriend meets robot at the company lab. She is wearing a (red dress). She kisses him to prove that she is real.  He is very emotional but is still not convinced. He shoots her and then shoots himself.
  • I think later it is revealed that he dies, but she is brought back.

If anyone can help me find this it will be greatly appreciated. I am having a real Mandela effect moment here, not being able to find this movie anywhere.

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