This is going to be long but I’m trying to add as much detail as possible.

So I am looking for this fantasy movie, or maybe a series that was in 2 or 3 parts but more than an hour long? It is pretty old, I would say around the 90s, defo no more than 2005.

The main character is an ordinary girl/woman I guess who somehow ends up in some world sort of like the “once upon a time” series. I don’t know if she is in some sort of mission to find something, all I know is that she is hunted and she has a partner with her helping her out of all this.

One scene, she was running after some creature I think in a forest and he hides behind an ordinary tree. She goes behind that tree to not find him anymore. Then her and her partner finds an entrance on that tree, might be some hole on top of the tree or something. They walk in it to find that the tree is nothing like the rest, it is actually a home (much like the small tents in Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, once you go in it is like a huge marquee).

Second scene I remember is of the girl taking shelter in that tree and when she wakes up she finds her hair has grown like crazy, like Rapunzel. She tries to carry her hair out but it becomes difficult for her to run around so she’s having to chop it all off like near her ear length?? She was angry about it I’m pretty sure because it wasn’t supposed to be cut this much. Before going out I think once she had to let her hair out of the window of the tree I think for her partner in crime to climb up and it was hurting her of course while he was climbing up. By the way, she’s blonde.


The final scene I remember is some sheep race. They end up at some weird village which celebrates sheep, they literally dress the sheep and have a parade. Somehow some challenge takes place that the sheep of one of the best girl of the village and the sheep of the main character (the girl) will have to do some race and some pageant thing of which sheep is best dressed or something. The night before the competition the village girl goes to a barn where some guy opens up the floor that has lights coming out of it and puts in her sheep to then drag it back out magically dressed well and powerful? The main girl mentions it to her partner and on the day he tries to do the same for her. During he race the village girl already got her sheep to run and the main girl is whistling and waiting for hers to come and at the last minute it comes. Somehow she wins the competition because her sheep was the better looking one.

Sorry for the very long essay. I hope the details rings a bell to anyone reading this. Thank you.

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  1. Here is part of the plot synopsis from Wikipedia. It describes part of the hair growing scene. Wikipedia also mentions the sheep raising contest.

    “The group travel the lands in pursuit of the mirror, facing many dangers and challenges in the process, including Virginia’s hair being enchanted to an impossible length, the Queen’s Huntsman, and a conspiracy by the descendants of Little Bo Peep to control a town’s wishing well. “

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