two movies

In the early 60s I watched Nightmare Theater every Friday night.  Two movies have remained in my head.

One is about a woman – I think in a circus? – who maims or kills beautiful girls.  The main character is almost killed or disfigured when she is drugged? and then almost steps into a scalding hot shower the evil woman prepares for her.  In the end the beautiful bad girl shows that her beauty was just a mask and her face is really scared and ugly so she tries to destroy the beauty of other girls.



the other movie centers around a house where the basement holds a large circular pit with some shining substance in it.  I’m thinking I remember it being green but I can’t imagine we had a color tv so I may have just remembered that wrong.  I also think the substance came from a meteor or asteroid.  The owner of the house was a famous actor – maybe Vincent Price? – and he lured a young woman there.  Her boyfriend helps her escape and the house burns down at the end of the movie.  I remember seeing the two escaped lovers standing in the dark watching it burn.

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