Fairly old movie

I saw this movie something like ~15 years ago, all i remember is one scene. There was a long corridor with humans being transported tied to heavy blocks of concrete/iron, probably for interrogation. Suddenly one block broke away but didn’t fall over, yet next block pushed and crashed unfortunate person flat. Thank you in advance šŸ˜€

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  1. There’s a scene like that in the movie-length first episode of The Lexx called “I Worship His Shadow”, but unless you only saw that scene, I’m a bit surprised that’s the thing you remember.

    It was a wildly inventive sci-fi series – that episode alone introduced an undead assassin, a giant planet-killing living spaceship, a woman rebuilt as a love slave without the loving component and thousands of people killed by giant worms.

    Worth checking out even if it’s not the one you’re thinking of (as long as you like sci-fi).

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