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Young man comes home and is treated like a war hero (he is not)

I think it was an old movie (like 1940-1965) about a man who was – I think – discharged from the army or just lied about being a veteran, he made up something, fake medal etc. Anyway he comes back home and the family thinks of him as a war hero and he doesn’t mind so the lie goes on until it’s too much for him. They want to hear his stories etc. It was some kind of satire or comedy of errors.

I’m not sure everything I wrote here is correct though.

School explodes

I remember one scene (probably it was opening scene): silence, children are going down the stairs in school, everything is peaceful and normal. Suddenly everything explodes, a lot of smoke in the air, silence again. Everyone is dead, there is no school anymore.

I remember it was very surprising and even shocking (but not brutal) scene.

I do not remember anything more. Just children, stairs, school and explosion not expected by viewer.

Decapitation in opening of a comedy

I remember only the beginning of the movie – like some prologue before opening credits. There was a man with curly hair who made some weird construction (like metal slide but in the air) and he decapitated himself or his own clone/mannequine with this construction. It was rather shown in a comical way. And I think that he was the main character… although he died at the beginning. I know, crazy.

Conspiracy comedy (?)

I don’t remember much of this movie, only some of first scenes.

  1. A man sitting in the office behind computer and searching for some data. He was in a hurry and like he discovered something suspicious (hiding from others, not wanting to get caught). For some reason his pants were down and he was running with a floppy disk. The camera was high (view from the ceiling) and behind thin wall there was another computer and another person (woman I think).
  2. Although man and woman are home alone they are discussing something in whisper under bed sheet with flashlight turned on. They’re planning something and reading some documents in secret.

Unfortunately that’s all I remember. I saw it on TV 10-15 years ago. It was probably American movie, definitely in color, I’d guess the movie was made in 90s or 00s.