Everyone thinks little boy is the killer but he’s not

I’ve been searching for this movie for many, many years! This is my first time posting to a group so hopefully someone can put me out of my misery soon.

I watched this movie when I was a kid, so it must have been made in the 80’s or 90’s. It was in English and in colour. I’m not sure if it was a TV movie, or who was in it, I just have vivid memories of specific scenes.

Main plot seems to be that this little mute boy is possibly killing people around him, and he draws pictures of their deaths, but in the end it turns out his estranged dad (i think?) is actually the killer, and he was hiding out in the family’s attic the whole time. A few deaths I remember, his grandma or old lady babysitter is watching him while his mother is out at a piano recital I think, and the old lady gets killed by having the dumbwaiter falling on her head. There’s another death where the little boyis playing with a friend but the kid is actually a bully, the bully brings a gun to show him, and seemingly the little boy shoots the bully (but in the end there’s a photograph of the dad shooting the bully). AND, to finish it off, I have this very distinct memory of the end scene of this little mute boy, playing with another kid, he holds up a stick and points it at him and says “bang, you’re dead”.

Anyway, please someone help me out. I tried that whatismymovie site, closest answer it gave me was Mikey(1992), but that’s not it. Also Hide and Seek reminded me of the “kid drawing a person’s death” bit, but that’s definitely not it, that was made way too recently.

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