Evacuation scene where a truck pushes a car off the road

This short scene occurs during a citywide evacuation which I think was part of a montage near the beginning of the film.  A car (station wagon?) with an elderly couple in the front is broken down on a freeway or other major road, blocking a lane.  Behind them is a big pickup truck with 2 or 3 tough-looking guys inside.  They ram their truck into the car and push it off the road, then jump out and start pulling the couple’s bags out of the car and throwing them into the back of the pickup.  It looks for a moment like they’re robbing them, but then they usher the couple out of the car, escort them back to their truck and into the cab, and the truck’s original passengers jump into the back with the bags as they drive away.

I feel like it’s from a zombie or alien invasion movie, but it might have been a disaster or viral outbreak, or something along those lines.  I’m pretty sure it was an American film that would have been in theaters between 1995 and 2015.  As I recall, it didn’t include any of the main characters, was just one of many short scenes setting up a feel for the film.

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