European, supernatural romance involving a magical orphan boy

So I watched this movie around 2014, and I did not recognize any actors.  I think that it was a indie movie, but I think the main male character had dark hair.  I also think that the actors had an Irish accent, although it might not have been Irish exactly.  I have had so much trouble finding it that honestly a part of me even wonders if it was in English or just had subtitles.  It was a movie, I watched it online but have no clue how I found it initially.  It seemed like it may have had a few years on it, but not very long.  Probably was made in the 2000s or 90s at latest.  The movie’s plot was this:  It started with the mother of the main male character going into labor and – I think – dying in the truck on the way to the hospital.  The boy has some sort of supernatural powers that allow him to heal himself whenever he is hurt by sucking the life out of everything (plants and even people) around him.  I remember a scene in which he was on the farm he lived on and got hurt, balled up on the grass, and all of the grass around him died and then maybe even a cow.  He eventually gets so hurt that he kills his father, and has to live at an orphanage.  There, he gets bullied which causes the bullies to get hurt by him.  He then, leaves the orphanage – possibly after killing some or all of the people there.  He goes to a forest and kills everything there, and finds an abandoned house.  Somehow he meets a girl who goes to a school near where he is at – she may have been wandering in the woods.  They fall in love, and I don’t remember much from here on, but he eventually kills himself so that he cannot hurt her by drowning himself in a pond.  She then, at the end of the movie, finds out that she is pregnant and will have a piece of him to remember him by.

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