Erotic musical film

The film, it seems French (but not one hundred percent sure), was shown in the early 2000s, but it may be earlier. An erotic musical, the title – one word – is the name of the main character girl – I forgot which one, therefore I cannot find it myself. She meets a guy on public transport who is terminally ill. In the film are not only the plot and erotic scenes, but also from time to time songs (musical). Then the heroine loses this guy, and at the end of the film she meets his friend in the transport, who was with him when they met, and learns from this friend that he died. The last shots – she is sitting on the street on the cobblestones and the camera is pulled back into the distance.

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    1. Thank you, but this is not the same movie, completely different. I saw that film in 2002-2004 (but it could be much earlier) and there the film name is a woman’s name.

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