Can’t remember title of the movie

It was like 5-6 years ago when I saw that movie(maybe even more). I can hardly remember its plot, the only few things that I know are the following:
-it was something about an apocalypse. There were some monsters/huge animals/maybe even something like dinosaurs all over the planet
-main character was male, but there also where 2 more characters: a girl and a human-like android(Detroit vibes)
-the girl was somewhat wild??? like she had some kind of a folk living in a cave or something, but these were not like “unga-bunga” wild, more something like Maya , idk
-the android completely looked like a human, but well he was an android. his aim was to help and protect mc at all costs, as far as I can remember

-and there’s almost nothing I remember about a male character. I only know that he was falling in love with that girl through the whole film or smth like that.

there are also some scenes I remember. These were in the end of the film. The first one is the android trying to sacrifice himself in order to protect mc, but he managed to be left alive. And the final scene is them all flying away from the planet, and the android says something terrible and mc becomes pissed that he didn’t say it earlier or something like that. My idea is that mc had daughter/son/wife/someone else who’s dear to him left on a planet, and that he thought that they had enough time to go to them and pick them up as well, but planet was going to be destroyed  in a minute and they were going to die…But that’s just an idea ’cause I hardly remember it.

An yeah, through the whole film those three characters were trying to escape and save themselves ’cause once again planet was going to be destroyed.

So that’s it. I know that it all sounds madly bizzare, but I really don’t remember a lot. And still I want to find that film just to be sure that it wasn’t just a weird dream lol. It feels like it was, but those clear memories of final scenes drive me nuts.

And few more things: that film was created in 2000-2010s, it wasn’t very popular and had a pretty low budget ’cause of not such a good montage.


5 thoughts on “Can’t remember title of the movie

  1. I’m just gonna toss this out there because it was the first thing I thought of when I read your description.

    A.E.: Apocalypse Earth (2013)

    There are enough similarities for it to be a possibility.
    They evacuate earth at the beginning, the main character has a family and wants to go back for them but the ship is launching, there’s an android character who does try to sacrifice himself at the end but survives, the “alien” natives are jungle cave dwellers, the android does give news at the end that does piss the main character off (it also relates to earth and possibly his family), plus the main character and native girl do fall in love.

    This could be the one you’re looking for? It’s available to watch in full on YouTube 🙂

      1. *yay* I’m so happy I could help 😀

        It happens to be one of my favourite cheesy sci fi movies, so I recognised it straight away *LOL* 😉

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