early or middle 70s–2 women (mother/daughter?) forced by men to eat dog food..

Someone took me to this extremely screwed up film when I was very young (6 or 7?), in the early or middle seventies. All I remember from it was that two or more guys broke into the house of two women–I think one was about 20 the other maybe her mom–and the a’holes were laughing and tormenting the women and the only image I remember–and it’s etched in my memory forever–is of the aforementioned forced dog food eating. If memory serves it has cheapish “Last House on the Left”-type production values, probably qualifies as a B-movie. It was definitely in the theater and, as already stated, in the early or maybe middle (1974ish?) seventies. I simply want to know the name of this film so I can see it again and look the beast in the face; it was, considering my age (less than 10, maybe much younger), surely the most traumatic cinematic experience of my life. Please help me find this piece of crap Question! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Your description reminds me of a movie I watched in college, with a friend who fancied himself a movie expert. I didn’t enjoy the movie, and I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind bringing a child to it, but maybe they figured you wouldn’t understand enough of it to be afraid of it.
    It’s called “The Possession of Joel Delaney” and while it’s campy, it is also disturbing. It stars Shirley Maclaine.


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