Dude with an eyepatch?

I honestly can’t tell you much about this one, it was a random glimpse of the tv one time and I forgot about it until I came across my Escape From NY dvd and it jogged my memory, so here is what little I can remember…


it was in colour

it had sort of a post-apoca/post-invasion/post-disaster kind of feel to it

the dude with an eyepatch was the hero I think (he didn’t have an evil goatee, so I’m assuming hero)

he was caucasian


it was kind of blink and you miss it, so I don’t have much to go on other than the eyepatch, sorry? any help finding it would be awesome, I reckon I’ll know it when I see it.

8 thoughts on “Dude with an eyepatch?

    1. Holy Crap 🙀 you found it!!!!! Thank you SO much 😻 \o/

      I’m so glad I asked, this actually looks like an awesome movie, I’m really looking forward to watching it 😺

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