Drama-Action Movies

I have two movies: First One: A girl kidnapped another girl, I think she befriend her to come at her house and she locked her in the attic or a room because she was having an affair with her boyfriend, there’s a scene the movie where she and her friend handcuff her in the bath when she tried to escaped, she made her friend make her do a pregnancy test which was positive but she told her its negative, she wanted to let her go but the other girl didn’t want that, in the end the girl set the house on fire with her friend and pregnant girl but they escaped. At one point in the movie her boyfriend went to the house but didn’t know that they held the girl captive, there’s another part where the girl was going to stab the pregnant girl but she made mistake and stabbed her friend Instead              [SOLVED: Caught]

Second One: A woman tried to kill herself after her husband was killed, she sat on the street in the night and put the gun to her head then in her mouth and just when she was going to pull the trigger she heard a car hit someone and when she went it was a little girl and she picked her up and carried her to the hospital, at one point in the movie she thought she found who killed him but it wasn’t that person

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