Drama-Action Movies

I have three more movies: First One: Have anybody watched the movie Murder on the 13th floor? there is another movie similar to it with the same computerize talking system where a little boy or girl was drawing a picture on the computer screen, I don’t remember if it is a horror or drama movie but it has the same computer talking system.                                                                Second One: I glimpse a picture of a movie on a DVD cover with two girls, they were standing side by side and one of them was holding a long black gun, just wondering if anyone know anything about it, I think I found the title but lost it, I think the title has roommate in it but I’m not sure.                                                                                                                 Third One: I remember this movie with a couple that has a baby, it’s like Mr and Mrs smith, they were walking on the street and they were always attacked and they will push the stroller with the baby aside and fight off their attackers, they are carrying the stroller with the baby and fighting at the same time [SOLVED: Undercover Blues]

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