Don’t let hope die. Imagination and Alaska.

A bunch of people are walking through a building with fishnets over them. They are getting checked and then told they are going to Far North Alaska. Then they are on a ship. A room full of kids. One kid has enough of this and decides to escape. Then it cuts to a Black Old Man wearing a white robe with barbaracles at the end of it. The kid gets captured by him and send back. His friend starts muttering something. I can’t recall, but it’s rhyming, and I think there are kangooroos involved. The Old guy is followed by someone at some point, I think they are wearing clothes with crayon green and grey colors. The kid gets captured a bunch of more times. I badly some other scenes, there was a scene where the kids were in some sort of party house on a platform and from a pile of plushies they were supposed to find and hug a one they love. One kid fell off, I don’t know what happened to him. Some people were chatting in the same room. I remember a very old guy giving a kid some coins, this happens in a scene before they are going to Alaska. Also an older brother of a kid speaking with a lady until he gets interrupted by some rich guy who gestured him to leave them alone. It had some funny scenes with the guy with barbaracles. There was a motocycle chase and a bus stop scene (although not sure about the last one). I don’t recall why, but I think imagination is very important in this movie. I THINK the title has has something to do with the words „hope”and „don’t let”, or maybe „don’t forget”. Can you help me find this movie? I watched it about 10 years ago, and I just remembered about it.

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  1. Warriors of Virtue (1997)?
    It has kangaroo(people?), fishnets, and according to wikipedia the main kids runs and gets caught at least 3 times.

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