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Don’t let hope die. Imagination and Alaska.

A bunch of people are walking through a building with fishnets over them. They are getting checked and then told they are going to Far North Alaska. Then they are on a ship. A room full of kids. One kid has enough of this and decides to escape. Then it cuts to a Black Old Man wearing a white robe with barbaracles at the end of it. The kid gets captured by him and send back. His friend starts muttering something. I can’t recall, but it’s rhyming, and I think there are kangooroos involved. The Old guy is followed by someone at some point, I think they are wearing clothes with crayon green and grey colors. The kid gets captured a bunch of more times. I badly some other scenes, there was a scene where the kids were in some sort of party house on a platform and from a pile of plushies they were supposed to find and hug a one they love. One kid fell off, I don’t know what happened to him. Some people were chatting in the same room. I remember a very old guy giving a kid some coins, this happens in a scene before they are going to Alaska. Also an older brother of a kid speaking with a lady until he gets interrupted by some rich guy who gestured him to leave them alone. It had some funny scenes with the guy with barbaracles. There was a motocycle chase and a bus stop scene (although not sure about the last one). I don’t recall why, but I think imagination is very important in this movie. I THINK the title has has something to do with the words „hope”and „don’t let”, or maybe „don’t forget”. Can you help me find this movie? I watched it about 10 years ago, and I just remembered about it.

Family Trapped in House

The movie was from the late 70’s early 80’s.

All I can remember is a family moved into a home. I think there was a Mother, father and two children.

They somehow got trapped inside the house and couldn’t get out.  All the windows and doors had nothing outside them, just blank space.  But if someone came to the front door, all would be fine outside, until they shut the door again.



70s film

Judging by the quality, I’d say this film was made in the 70s. It’s about a large American family who all come back home to attend the funeral of the youngest member, a guy who killed himself. After the funeral, which happens early in the film, they all go home, and from there it’s basically one of those films where everyone’s thinking about their life choices, etc. There’s a bit of tension because they’ve all got their own lives and live in different states so they don’t see each other a lot.