Documentary History Of Slavery Critical Of Democratic Party

I remember watching some documentary (I think on YouTube) to do with the history of slavery in America, and how the perception is completely wrong and that it was the fault of the democratic party and not the republicans- that they were the ones ultimately responsible for fighting and ending slavery.

There are a lot of graphics/artwork/drawings/animation shown to portray events in history, but if I remember correctly there’s also a lot of recordings of just people being interviewed documentary style (i.e. lawyers, historians, educators, etc.).

I think it looked pretty high quality. And I would say it was probably fairly recent/new- I would say 2010 and above.

3 thoughts on “Documentary History Of Slavery Critical Of Democratic Party

  1. I thought this post failed to get posted. I actually figured it out myself. SOLVED!

    ANSWER: “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”

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