Girl meets visiting priest at home who turns out to be her real father

I saw this movie in the UK in Summer 2001. It was already near the end when I started and it told of a teenage girl who is with her father at home. One day they receive a visit from a priest who tells them that he is from a former place of origin of the girl’s mother and that he is a former lover of hers. The mother is absent from home throughout this segment. The priest stays for a few days and they spend some time together. When the mother does not come back, the priest decides to leave. After he is gone, the girl confesses to her father that she likes the priest and that she felt a bit funny while talking to him, like he made her feel warm or she cannot explain it. The father then tells her that the priest is actually her real father and that when her mother came to him all those years ago, she was running away pregnant with her. Father and daughter get emotional but the daughter, crying, hugs her father and says that she still loves him as her father. The film ends with the mother coming back home and the family reunites in love and happiness.

There are several dialogues I remember from these scenes:

(after the priest arrives)

Father: When he (the priest) asks you how old you are, can you tell him that you are thirteen rather than fourteen? Your mother came to me fourteen years ago and I would not want him to feel bad about it.

(after the priest leaves)

Daughter: (washing up) I don’t know but meeting him (the priest) makes me feel a bit funny. I don’t know… I like him…

Father: (washing up too then abruptly turns round to her) sorry but I should tell you this. That man is your father. Your mother came to me pregnant with you… but I love you. I love you like a daughter…

Daughter: (in tears) no, no, you are my father. I love you too.

(final scene)

Daughter: (mother walking speedily and determinedly towards her family waiting outside the house) You don’t need to be ashamed! I know all about it!

(family hug and sun sets- FINIS)

I saw this film in the UK on TV (could have been a TV episode or TV series) in Summer 2001. It was in English (cannot remember whether British or American) and it looked quite old to me (like 70s/80s colour). Any clues as to what programme this might be would be hugely appreciated.

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