Doctor tries to make the cure to all sickness

This was a horror movie on Netflix, but has since been removed. I think it was in English, but I do sometimes watch foreign movies. I can’t find it because I think it’s an indie movie.

so the plot was a doctor/scientist (male) and a student (female) were trying to grow this amorphous creature (female) and use it to possibly cure all disease/illness.

One day, they come back to the lab to find that it has changed dramatically, and the man puts his hand in the container it is in with a syringe to extract some fluid. Spines end up stabbing into his hand and the woman removes them.

the man, across the whole film, gradually changes and starts possibly hearing the creature call to him? He ends up at this party and after being sexual with this random woman, he kills and eats her.

I think somewhere near the end, he realizes he’s in love with the student and then dies somehow. She ends up being infected and that’s the end.

Hopefully this description helps, I’ve been looking for this movie for years.

7 thoughts on “Doctor tries to make the cure to all sickness

  1. Parts of the description sounds like the Species movies, but none of the three movies match up close enough to that plot.

    1. The creature/organism never transformed into a human, it just affected the doctor/scientist. That was pretty close though.

  2. You know the names of all these movies, but you like to trolling.
    You stupid asshole, moderators should delete your profile from the site.

    1. I don’t know the name of the movie… that’s why I posted it. I just thought that the plots were similar, but the movie I’ve been looking for is very specific, so I haven’t been able to find it.

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