Disney movie

I don’t remember much of this Disney movie but all I can remember was some fat greedy bald moustached man wanting to buy some guy’s toy/product company and the fat guy had sons who were twins that constantly bullied the company owner’s son and best friend.

In the end, they manage to save the company and the bully twins end up being reprimanded by their father while being dragged by force and anger in the car. Later, the owner and his family try to activate their latest product, some kind of animatronic puppet toy resembling a blue head with bald orange hair and a big nose and large teeth. At first, it doesn’t work when pressing the remote but just as they are about to leave, the toy activates.

At the end of the movie, the owner and his son try out their latest toy invention: skateboards that are somehow voice-activated that allow them to do some sick, slick moves before retreating back to the company which had become a success in selling those blue doll face toys.

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