Demon Possessed Home

I saw this movie when I was really young, so I’m assuming it was made in the 80s, or early 90s. It may have been a TV movie, and it was in color, as well as English. It was about a family that was terrorized by a demon in their home. The demon also held control over 2, maybe 3 ghosts. The demon would scream, and shake the house. A very distinct scene is when the man of the house is sitting in his den reading, when the demon takes the form of a woman, comes downstairs, and attacks him. It throws him to the floor, and begins raping him. While this is happening, the demon shows a different form in that of a very large, hideous woman. The only other scene I recall is when the family goes on a camping trip, and is interrupted when the demon appears in the shape of a black, smokey cloud. That’s all I can remember.

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