Decrepit Mansion love story movie

I’m trying to figure out the ne of aovie I saw, I have no idea where  it was made but I feel like it was at lest semi-recent. Anyways what I member is this. This old lady lives in this amazing old mansion, but it’s like in serious disrepair, and she doesn’t seem to notice like she’s living in the past. Anyways she’s raising her niece, and there’s this lil boy who like hangs around because he’s a gardener or something and him and the niece end up falling in love. The niece paints, and the aunt smokes a lot and sheakes the two of the dance together in the ballroom. She warns the boy that the girl will break his heart. And she moves away and he still visits the old lady sometimes… that’s all I know. I could swear the girl is played by cate blanchet but I don’t see any films in her filmography that seem to match! Please help!!!

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