Crocodile with toothache got his teeth cleaned by a bird

I saw this movie in mid-late 2000’s. It was an animated, English movie on a VHS tapes.

I think it started out with a polar bear being too afraid of a huge needle to get a shot, so he doesn’t and then turns yellow from getting sick. He goes to the hospital in an ambulance and the nurse gives him the ahit and he turns white again.

The next scene I remember was a stubborn crocodile on a river with a toothache. He eventually let a bird pick his teeth making him all better.

I’m not sure if this next scene was from this movie or not, but a lion got out of his cage at the zoo and the zookeeper couldn’t get him locked up again. The zookeeper proceeds to run away from the lion whose trying to eat him, and eventually locks himself in a cage and the lion eats the key.

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  1. ok so I’m trying to find a show I used to watch. It was when a group of kids was on a field trip I think and then the adults just disappeared bc one of the character’s dads (whos a scientist) accidentally created two dimensions with people over 16 in one, and people under 16 in the other one. and they all had British accents and at some point, they lived in hotels and I watched it on Netflix. oh and one girl could see into the adult dimension and idk any of the actors bc they r from britan or something . and they all started trading farming again

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