Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Hi guys,

Some years ago (2010-2012) I watched a film with a plot that I remember to be as follows:

-The protagonist, a male illustrator (of comic books, perhaps) is down on his luck and meets a “manic pixie dream girl” type character who pushes him to pursue his dream and they go on a road trip to California (maybe from somewhere else on the west coast, even within California) to a major movie studio where he presents his portfolio and gets a job there

– The female character is referred to within the film as “manic pixie dream girl” – this has made searching for the film difficult

– There is a scene where the male lead finds the female lead’s drug paraphernalia (heroin)

– They are pulled over at by the police on the road trip and the male character gets nervous about the drugs

It’s absolutely killing me – any help greatly appreciated!


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