Crime movie ?

I Saw this movie when I was about 9 or 10 so its been almost 14 years I’ve been looking for this lol. I’m not sure the exact time of this movie but it had to on been in the 90s about a new girl who moves into town and meets a friend in the ” popular group” not long after she starts to have feelings for her new friends boyfriend and starts flirting with him . the girlfriend starts to get really jealous and crazy , and then I can’t rember either the girlfriend gets killed or the new girl does. Can anyone help me with this it has been driving me nuts for a VERY long time ! Its in english and color

4 thoughts on “Crime movie ?

  1. The plot is very similar but more 1990s and I’m pretty sure popular girl kills the new girl because she didn’t want her to have her boyfriend or something lol , thank you 🙂 ?

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