Creepy stuff

i remeber a movie where this kid with friends and one kid takes them to this lift that goes down into a cage and all the friends run out but she push the elevator to go up and monster came out and ate them do you know this movie?

2 thoughts on “Creepy stuff

  1. Sounds like a sequence from the rather good anthology film “Trick ‘r Treat” (2007). There’s a cage elevator that goes down to a lake at the bottom of a quarry where a school bus once crashed killing a group of special needs kids. Some “cool kids” try to play a trick on a shy nerdy girl by taking her there and scaring her, but when the now-undead kids from the bus (in creepy, waterlogged Halloween costumes) start to rise from the lake to kill them the nerdy girl escapes in the elevator alone, leaving the rest of them to their fate.

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