Crazy Department Store Battle


I’m trying to find a movie I saw once, here’s what I remember, some or none of it could be accurate.

It was not English, but I think Spanish or Italian. I think it was an 80’s or 90’s movie? Could be way off though.

It was a horror comedy (I think?), it culminates with a man and a woman in a red jacket with a white frilly shirt who work in the department store and are engaged(?) basically destroying the place while trying to kill each other. I think there’s a weird part where one woman is confined to the bed department or just loves the bed department, and maybe the department store in itself was facing tough times and trying to downsize. Possibly they want to get rid of the bed department but she spends all day there? I could be confusing two different movies

5 thoughts on “Crazy Department Store Battle

      1. That’s it! I was way off about her outfit at the end, it’s more “business woman special” and WOW she looks like Kirsten Schall!

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