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Crazy Department Store Battle


I’m trying to find a movie I saw once, here’s what I remember, some or none of it could be accurate.

It was not English, but I think Spanish or Italian. I think it was an 80’s or 90’s movie? Could be way off though.

It was a horror comedy (I think?), it culminates with a man and a woman in a red jacket with a white frilly shirt who work in the department store and are engaged(?) basically destroying the place while trying to kill each other. I think there’s a weird part where one woman is confined to the bed department or just loves the bed department, and maybe the department store in itself was facing tough times and trying to downsize. Possibly they want to get rid of the bed department but she spends all day there? I could be confusing two different movies

Rom-Com (?) where shy man builds romantic sets with (dead) mice

I was lying in bed with insomnia when all of a sudden this movie that I saw within the last 19yrs popped into my head. I can’t remember anything other than the movie starts with what you assume are stuffed mice toys dressed up and displayed in an elaborate set. (All romantic) Like mice on a date … on the swings etc.  Later we learn the guy collects dead mice for his sets and cleans them up.

I can’t even remember if I liked the movie, but I just need to know what it is!!



RIGHT! All you super humans out there…. cos this is a loooong shot! LOL…. I’m trying to remember a film…. I remember that it has fairies in it and little girls or just one little girl… and a locket or some kind of necklace…. I think it’s Live Action and I watched it when I was younger, so 90’s possibly late 80’s because I have always been a bit slow… COME ON!!!!….. All the info I have. HELP!


So I remember seeing this movie when I was younger it was definitely on tv. I wanna say it had to have been around 2002-2004 when I saw it not too sure.

I’m having a hard time remembering a lot about it, I know it was some kind of like either murder thriller type of thing? the scene that sticks out is a set of stick figures drawn on a wall, one was tall and one was short. I think it had something to do with a cave, and I think it was a dead child??? I feel like I remember them finding a body in the cave and like someone else was having visions of where the body was that’s where those stick figures came from?? Idk sorry I can’t remember more but it’s really bugging me!