Comedy about night terrors

The part of the movie that I remember is a smaller part of the movie.  It is a comedy and there is a part where a guy with an accent says he wakes up with a sore throat but he doesn’t know he actually has night terrors.  Another guy who is visiting has to sleep in the bed with him for some reason, I don’t know if they are in-laws or some other distant relative.  The guy with the accent also mentions that he can only sleep without his underwear.  The two men have to sleep in the same bed for several nights, I guess him and his wife were visiting the couple.

2 thoughts on “Comedy about night terrors

  1. No, I don’t think it had Russell Brand. The guy’s accent was more like Russian than British. This part of the movie is actually a small part, but it is the only thing I remember. I want to say that perhaps Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler was in it? Or at least one of those type of actors.

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