Help with a movie title.

I’ve been trying to think of a movie title. I think it’s set in London and maybe has a bit of a china town area. Anyway my memory was of the lead actor who I thought was Robert Carlyle but isn’t has retired from a life of crime and has returned home to his sisters flat to find his brother in law has seriously pissed of the “mob” this starts the adventure as he tries to secure a deal to save his brother in law. T he most notable scene was when three of them were tied up in a meat cooler or similar. A huge Asian man enters the cooler and drags one man out. You then hear the meat grinder start up and screams as a man is minced up. The Asian returns and drags the main character out and you hear the machine and screams again. Assuming the worst the main character enters the cooler and they escape. A lot of action and violence in movie. Any thoughts ? Stevo

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  1. British crime movie. They don’t make a lot of them these days. If you can narrow it down to when you saw it and how old you think it is, there is a fair chance it could be ID’d..

  2. As ib British I’d say the actors are mostly British and the surrounds from memory are as well.. As for age Id say less than ten years old and I saw it about five years ago. thanks for your reply

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