Children in a sanatorium

So I am making this post for a friend of mine who has been struggling with finding this movie’s name for a while. She remembers watching it in 2015 and said it was pretty recent at the time (so it must have come out around 2014/2015). Her memories are vague but here’s what she remembers: the movie is centered around an old man who goes to a sanatorium where there are children, some are alive and some are spirits. One of the children, a boy, died being drowned by other kids. She also remembers that, at the end, the old man kills himself (apparently by hanging but she might be remembering wrong).

Really hope someone can find this movie’s name because I’ve searched everywhere for it with every keyword possible and nothing has come up yet.

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      1. Sorry for the delayed reply, had to get back to my friend. She unfortunately said that it wasn’t that movie. Thank you for the help though!

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