Cheesy Romantic Movie with Faking Cancer In a Restaurant / Diner

I remember seeing this movie maybe last year or so, it may have been on netflix i’m not too sure – It was on color. I don’t remember any major plot details other than this one scene where a couple goes to a restaurant and they the male calls the waitress over and orders some alcoholic drink to which the waitress says they can’t serve them without ID – the male pleads and lies that the female has some incurable illness like cancer and this is their last meal together – The waitress responds with ” I’ll see what I can do ” and brings a bottle of wine / champagne and then after she walks away the female laughs and says something like “I can’t believe you did that!” It was a very romantic restaurant and i believe they weren’t 18, maybe 17 years of age. they were well dressed if that helps.

6 thoughts on “Cheesy Romantic Movie with Faking Cancer In a Restaurant / Diner

  1. I know the exact scene you are talking about!…Unfortunately, I can’t remember what movie it is from or what the rest of the plot is…But I am going through all the possibilities and will get back to you!

  2. I finally found it! It was bugging me all weekend. It’s actually in a movie I wasn’t considering until I remembered the main character does have a love interest…

    To the Bone (2017)

    1. Just to let you know, I don’t think ‘boreweep’ commented to let us know if this is the movie or not.

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