Horror/thriller movie, girl kidnapped and taken to fake hospital?

Here is the basic plot of this movie that I remember:

A surgeon accidentally messes up a surgery and kills a woman. Either the husband or father of the dead woman decides to kidnap the surgeon’s daughter and her male friend as revenge. The daughter and her friend wake up in a hospital, and there is a window between their two rooms so they can see each other but not talk. I remember there being an iPod out in the hallway playing fake hospital noises, like machines beeping and talking voices. It turns out it isn’t a real hospital, it is just a thing the kidnapper set up in his barn. The daughter sees the kidnapper kill her friend through the window so she runs. I remember a scene with her running through a cornfield. The son of the kidnapper, who I believe had a mental disability, tries to help her, but in a moment of panic she stabs him instead of the kidnapper on a flight of stairs. The kidnapper catches her and buries her alive in a coffin or container of sorts and puts a camera in it so you can see her slowly dying and that’s how the movie ends.

I think I remember watching it around 6-7 years ago. It was in color, and in English I believe.


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