Channel 4 Short Horror Films

Hi All,

Trying to locate the name of a couple of short thriller/horror films (possibly Australian) about a young couple terrorised by something unseen in the darkness outside their house. You only ever saw patch of light from the inside of their room. The man eventually goes outside and something nasty happens! Shown around 1988/89 on Channel 4 in the UK!

Around the same time, same channel an Australian period horror short about a woman on her own in an isolated house and under threat. She calls for help on the phone and receives reassurance that help is on the way. Eventually its revealed the phone is disconnected!


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  1. I’ve been looking for this movie too. If it’s the same one the couple are confused that the front of the house is broad daylight but if they look out the back window it’s pitch black. I saw it on channel 4 late night about 15 years ago. I’ll post if I find it.

    1. It’s Possibly “the French Doors” which is from New Zealand. Not quite how I remember it but it was a long time ago.

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