Castle Movie With Tentacle Monster Puppet Shower

Hi there movie buffs,

I’m looking for help with finding a movie that has haunted my brain since my early childhood. I was likely age 5-7 when I saw clips of this movie, so around 2000 or so, but the movie was likely older, it had at least a 90s feel, but could be as early as the 70s. And these are memories of a stupid child warped over 20+ years so who knows if this even is remembered correctly, heck it might even be from a cheesy porno my dad left in the VCR.

The main location in the movie was a midevil-ish castle, it had a very Princess Bride, Monty Python, Robin Hood type of thing going on.

The scene that I remember the most clearly was a scene with a Renaissance ish puppet scene in the Great hall of some castle, but the show came to life and sucked people in with a kraken-esq tenticle monster/ giant squid. It almost resembled the scene in 20,000 leagues under the sea with the squid attack. But I think people from the castle’s great hall were getting sucked in to the puppet show.

The other scene I believe I remember involved a woman being levitated in a long flowing gown in what was I believe the castle graveyard? And I there were these creatures that looked like a mix of a Jawa from Star Wars and like a dementor from Harry Potter. Hooded creatures with glowing red eyes. I think there was a popular-ish costume around the late 90s early 2000s Era with them, but not the grim reaper ones.


Anybody remember anything like this?

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