Cartoon with a Plane

  • I remember a cartoon where they always fly a plane and about 3 or more of them are always in the plane, it always starts and ends with the plane, I think the main one or leader was called Ace

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  1. It was on in 1964-65, but there was a ’90s version. Here is the opening and ending featuring the main character of ‘Race’ Bannon.

    1. The one im talking about is very similar to it but the characters are teenagers, its more like jayce and the wheeled warriors except its a plane and they are about four to five of them as jayce in the wheeled warriors anyway thanks for trying

          1. I learned myself just a few months ago, and I’m 46. I googled it but I can try to tell you. You find the clip you want to post and go to the url address at the top of the page and click the right button, then go to where it says copy and click on that. After you do that, go to this site where you make a comment, and hit right click again and click again on where it says paste. I hope this helps, it’s really easy.

  2. Maybe the 1996 version of Jonny Quest then. In this one they are older teenagers. Below is the series intro.

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