Cartoon. Mischievous boy with magic scarf (I think?) and two animal “things”.

So, I saw it in either the late 90s or early 2000. I vaugly remember parts of the plot and some scenes.

I do know it was about a mischievous boy, I don’t think the kid was really liked by the others in the village he lived. I remember one scene when an elderly, or upper middle age lady makes pancakes (I think it was) and the kid steals one at a time, and eats them right there when she looks away to make more.

There was some kind of magical piece of clothing. I do think it was a scarf if I remember correctly.

The plot also involved two anthropomorphic animal-like things. One more serious, the other a bit more soft (and maybe a bit dumb as well). They were short. I think they were detectives looking into a crime. Either that or they searched for the magic scarf.

I think the “animals” lived together, and the first time we see them in the movie is in their house. I do remember one scene where the soft one gets up during the night to drink some warm milk and honey.

The more serious one also gets a letter at some point early in the movie and their search for the kid with the magic scarf begins.

The cartoon was probably dubbed when I saw it. So I’m not sure about the original language. But the dub was in Swedish.

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