Can’t remember this TV movie?

Sorry to be a bother again but all I can remember is one scene from the end of the movie (I’m guessing TV movie because it looked small budget and it was the late 80’s or 90’s)

the one and only scene I remember is of a man and woman, a plane chasing a car down a country road (fields and trees to either side, proper paved road), and the plane crashes and ends up tipped forward onto its back?

it may or may not have driven the car into one of the fields or some trees

the Man and woman may have been ex’s or dating or married?

it seemed like some sort of action rom-com scene?

if anyone remembers this or recognises it please let me know? I would love to see it again? Any suggestions are welcome 🙂

p.s. it’s entirely possible it was a movie length tv episode, I just can’t remember *facepalm* but I think the time period I saw it in was comparable to a series with Leonard Nimoy in it with “game” in the title? I feel like I saw these the same year but again, could be totally wrong?

4 thoughts on “Can’t remember this TV movie?

    1. Ah, while I would love for it to be this (such a great movie) it’s not, unfortunately. But thank you for suggesting it, now I want to watch it again *LOL* 😀

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