Can’t Remember The Name of These Two Movies

1. I don’t remember a lot about this movie, I just know that there was this girl who was psychic or something and scientists were going to kill her but she escaped? There was this scene where she was on a train and this woman comes into her compartment and the girl pretty much stripped the lady apart by layers, and it was so.e pretty shit CG.

2. In this one I only remember this one scene, which I’m guessing had something to do with a gang. There was a woman tied to a bed and these men pumped her full of air until she blew up, then let her Chihuahua eat her body. Then there was a guy they strapped into a wheelchair and pushed down a flight of stairs, I remember a spike or something going through the guys head at the bottom of the stairs.

I know these are pretty out there and weird, but I’ve just had these two scenes stuck in my head for years and could never find what they were from.

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