Can’t remember the name of an obscure animated movie from my childhood

I vividly remember a movie from deep in my memory. It was one of those movies your parents get on a long car ride to pop in the DVD player to get you to be quiet. I believe the plot was somewhere along the lines of these two men, one larger and who loved to knit, and one shorter with a short temper, take a young girl from her castle where her old, stern, blind uncle keeps her and they take her on an adventure. My sibling says that there were tons of small planets that they lived on and stuff. I think I remember the shorter one insulting the uncle in the end by calling him “king of the buttwipes.” I’ve been trying to find this movie for forever now, but I doubt it’s possible. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, and it’s  definitely a very obscure movie, but any clues as to what it is would be amazing. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Can’t remember the name of an obscure animated movie from my childhood

  1. Hi StarryEyedSpaceman, thanks for the great question. i think you are referring to the guy who knitted but was afraid to show his passion because his father had bad experiences with a needle. After attending a HA (heroin anonymous) meeting years ago, the father vowed to never go near a needle again. this upset his son who had a fiery passion for knitting, and created conflict and tension bewtween their relationship. ultiamtely, his wife ran waway with the son and remarried. hope this helps

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